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Atlantic Area Mobility Study

23 Jun 2015

The Atlantic Area Mobility study is a  survey conducted by 6t for EIGSI -La Rochelle Engineering School – French partner of Repute Project. The aim of this study is to construct travel socio-types in order to understand the transport behaviours of the inhabitants of the Atlantic Area regions, excluding the large towns. How do these inhabitants currently travel? How do the inhabitants view the travel options available in these sparsely populated areas? How to best understand how supply and demand interact?

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  View the Report in English                                                                                View the Report in French


The REPUTE Guide to energy and publicly-accessible transport in rural areas

29 May 2015

REPUTE_Cover_280515The ‘Atlantic Regions’ of Europe all share similar experiences of geographical difficulties, remote populations, large distances between cities, problems keeping up with advances in technology and inter-modality issues.

The REPUTE guide explores how could each of the regions in Atlantic Area learn from each other and keep up with the pace of development within larger, more populated, regions?

It provide examples of innovative large- and small-scale transport schemes from different countries in this Guide and we introduce the REPUTE pilot projects.

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11 Nov 2014

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Draft Northern Ireland Bicycle Strategy

31 Oct 2014

The Draft Northern Ireland Bicycle Strategy has now been published. The consultation period will run from 27th August 2014 to 21st November 2014.
There will also be hold a series of Public Consultation events during October
2014, these will include events in rural areas. Full details of events will be sent to
stakeholders, advertised on the  website of the Department for Regional Development and published in the press in due course.

Access the document here. NI Bicycle Strategy (2)


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