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Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal

Dungannon, Northern Ireland, Oct 21st

La Rochelle, France, Nov 6th

Austurias Spain, Nov 7

Limerick City, Ireland  November 28th

Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal

April 1, 2015

The the Portuguese REPUTE workshop included the launch of an exciting pilot project utilizing electric vehicles and renewable energy Below are some  articles on the pilot launch and the workshop from Portuguese news and media  

Dungannon, Tyrone, Oct 21st

October 21, 2014

 On the 21st October Action Renewables and South West College hosted the Northern Irish REPUTE Workshop. Read all about it here
NI workshop3   Presentations 1)Belfast Rapid Transit REPUTE NI Workshop   2)Oxford BrookeS University REPUTE NI Workshop   3)Oxfordshire County Council REPUTE NI Workshop   4)Ricardo Scarpa Repute NI workshop   5)Terry Waugh REPUTE NI Workshop   6)Translink Presentation REPUTE NI Workshop  

La Rochelle, France, Nov 6th

October 11, 2014

Frost and Sullivan Pres La Rochelle Workshop:  Details and Pictures Here Chairs


1.Frost & Sullivan - Nicolas Meilhan- Quelle est la mobilité du futur - REPUTE Workshop

2. PCAP REPUTE presentation   3.PCER REPUTE presentation      

Austurias, Spain Nov 7, 2014

October 10, 2014

The Asturias workshop will provide;

  • Information about possibilities to include smart technologies and alternative fuels in public transport,
  • To discuss further collaboration activities between companies, experts, academics and public administrations to develop innovative projects for a more clean and efficient public transport.
Click on Images to enlarge: Austurias 2_Page_1Austurias 2_Page_2  

Limerick City, Nov 28th

October 5, 2014

Nov 28th: Limerick Workshop Presentations

Read about it and view presentations here


Limerick WS 1 Limerick WS 2 Limerick WS 3 Limerick WS 4 Limerick WS 5 Limerick WS 7 Limerick WS 6

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