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Speaker Biographies II

Brigitte Desveaux

Brigitte Desveaux

Brigitte Desveaux is the Vice-President of the urban community of la Rochelle in charge of transportation and mobility

  • Member of the city council of La Rochelle
  • Member of the board of the club of cyclable cities

She is member of the political party « les Verts », The Greens since 1997 . As vice president of the urban community of la Rochelle (28 municipalities/170 000 inhabitants) located along the Atlantic coast, she is in charge of mobility. She is currently the managing director of an intercommunality of 60.000 inhabitants.

CommunauteBefore that, she held various managing positions in environment, general services, economic development and planning for various municipalities.She holds a masters degree in social sciences from the University of Toulouse.


Dominique Breuil

EigsiDominique Breuil

Head of research EIGSI

Dominique Breuil has a long career with research and teaching experience in several schools of engineers and universities as well as industrial experience in engineering and supply chain management.

Expert in logistics and mobility of goods and passengers, he managed several projects in the framework of national and European research programs (EIE, PCRD, Interreg) or as the leader of industrial organization department in engineering companies. Collaborating with large and smaller companies, as well as local authorities and public services, he gained a large knowhow on transferring and optimizing best practices in these fields.

He joined EIGSI in 1997 as Manager of industrial relations and took the responsibility of the research department in 2001.

Research works of Dominique Breuil focuses on decision aid systems for designing and operating sustainable mobility systems for passengers and goods in the context of smartcities.

Nicolas Malhene


After obtaining a PhD in Industrial Engineering at the University Bordeaux Talence, Nicolas joined EIGSI La Rochelle as research professor in Industrial Management. Head of the research area “Sustainable Mobility and Logistics” at EIGSI, host groups “Transport”, INTERROP GSO, the thematic group “Diagram Logistics” AVERE-France, member of the task group N ° 4 Predit “Logistics and carriage of goods “participates and manages a large number of national and European projects that address the delivery of goods.

Yannick Jacob

Yannick MEl

Head of network evolution Service, Transportation Department, Lille Métropole European

A graduate of Hautes Etudes Lille Engineer in 2001, Yannick Jacob worked for nearly 10 years in Lille Metropole. His current duties involve negotiation, supervision and management of the public service delegation contract for urban transport including:
– Organisation of the public transport network: bus, metro and tram
– Development of the bus and bus lines high level of service
– Acquisition of rolling stock
– Bicycle Project self-service V’Lille
– Implementation of a new ticketing multipartner Contact

Alain Boeswillwald

Alain Boeswillwald Semitan

General Manager, Mixed Economy Company of Transportation AgglomérationNantaise (SEMITAN)

Alain Boeswillwald graduated from the National School of Mechanics (ENSM) of
Nantes. On leaving the ENSM in 1971, Alain Boeswillwald was two years in the lab assistant
mechanics of that school (DEA solid mechanics in 1973).
From 1973 to 1989 he studies at West CETE assistant (Foreign Service
Ministry of Equipment).
In 1990, he joined the SEMITAN as Head of General Studies and Director
Production in Saint-Herblain in 1991, Director of Development and sales activity in 1992 and Deputy Director General in 1997.
He is Chief Executive Officer since January 1999.

Hervé Philippot

Herve Are

Host of the Regional Observatory for Energy and Greenhouse Gas -AREC Poitou-Charentes

The AREC Poitou-Charentes (Regional Agency for Environment and Climate Assessment) since 1995 accompanied the establishment of environmental policies in partnership with local players.
The Agency conducts its observation and assessment activities in the following areas:
-Consumption And energy production, renewable energy and emissions of greenhouse gases;
-Observation Biomass;
-Prevention And waste reduction.
It provides including technical animation and carrying out the work of the Regional Observatory of Waste, the Regional Observatory of Energy and Greenhouse Gas Effect and since January 2009, the mission observation biomass. The AREC is mainly financed by ADEME Poitou-Charentes Poitou-Charentes Regional Council, the 4 General Councils of the region, other communities and other financing (ERDF EU-type, services of the state).

Frédéric Bataille

Frederic BatalilleValagro

CEO of Valagro Carbone renouvelable

As a chemical Engineer, Frederic Bataille defended a thesis in applied chemistry at Poitiers University. Frédéric joined Valagro in 2000 as a specialist in catalysis and bio-energies, he conducts research on lignocellulosic biomass, byproducts and wastes. He is the current CEO of Valagro Carbone Renouvelable.


Denise Morrey

Research Lead and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Oxford Brookes University



Denise was the principal architect behind the development of the Motorsport and Automotive Engineering programmes at Oxford Brookes University, designed to respond to a perceived shortage of graduate engineers with high level analytical skills and strong practical engineering experience focussed on motorsport. In 2006, the success of these programmes was acknowledged by the Award of £ 2.1M of capital funding by the then South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA) to establish a Motorsport Engineering Centre at the Oxford Brookes Wheatley campus, and by the decision of Fernando Alonso to sponsor 12 MSc scholarships on an annual basis for Spanish Students to come and study on the Brookes MSc programmes in Motorsport Engineering.

Denise’s research work was originally in the areas of structural and vehicle dynamics, but more recently the focus has moved to the field of sustainable mobility and integrated transport systems. She is currently the Principal and Co-Investigator of 4 research grants, with funding from EPSRC, TSB, EU and Industry, as well as working in partnership with Oxford University and Oxfordshire County Council.

 Veronique SEEL 


Having studied both Organisation Techniques and Industrial Marketing at the Conservatoire des Arts & Métiers in Paris, Véronique worked as a strategic and information marketing consultant for Havas Worldwide and then for other private organisations.  After arriving in La Rochelle in 2006, she advised the corporate rating agency Vigeo and BNP Paribas Insurance on corporate social responsibility for two years, before setting up her own urban tourism research business. As Project Manager in the research department of the EIGSI engineering school since 2012, Véronique manages European mobility and climate projects while working on and writing about the smart city and the role of residents and tourists in place branding.


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