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REPUTE is an 18 month project funded by the Atlantic Area Transnational programme which aims to develop and promote the use of Renewable Energy in Public Transport.

REPUTE is the catalyst for a dynamic and innovative application of renewable energy to the public transport sector. We will explore the benefits of previous transport projects for their application to public transport.

Check out this short video which explains the project;

REPUTE will:

Publish a REPUTE guide on state of the art existing and new renewable technologies available for use in public transport;

Hold one REPUTE workshop in each participating region to engage with local and regional Government departments responsible for public transport, public transport operators, the academic sector, the training sector, private enterprise and the energy sector;

Hold  pilot tests on the integration of renewable technologies and personal travel planning.

Provide results on CO2 savings

Hold a final REPUTE conference tour travelling to each of the REPUTE regions to engage policy change discussion and to disseminate the REPUTE approach

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